Journaling Challenge: Day 2: Challenges

4 years ago I lost , what I thought then to be, my dream job. I easily found another one in a similar function. But something was not right. And I chose to not reapply for this job, and I was faced with the challenge of ‘what now’, ‘what next’, no income. But is was for the better. I become a freelancer, and thanks to … Continue reading Journaling Challenge: Day 2: Challenges

Journaling challenge

I’m taking part in Boho Berry’s journaling challenge of October. Every month a challenge is organised around a theme, and you get prompts to write every day. This month’s theme is Gratitude. I’ve started in my BuJo but was thinking it might be a good thing to share here as well. So you’ll see a view of them appearing today, as I’m catching up with … Continue reading Journaling challenge