Journalling Challenge: Day 7: Surroundings

Wherever you are right now, look around you and find something to be grateful for. I decided to interpret this as someone instead of something. I spend the day with my godson and his babysister, and it turned to be a great afternoon playdate. The munchkin even told me he loved me! I love the little man. He is autistic, and connecting never has been … Continue reading Journalling Challenge: Day 7: Surroundings

Doing better

So this long holiday weekend felt mostly good. Got my steps done, got my place back to it organised self, lunch with some friends, bought some terrace tiles and new plants, some new stuff to wear (a cactus shirt and pineapple flipflops amongst other things), a play date with the munchkin and his babysister, all that in summer weather, But it ended with a bit … Continue reading Doing better

Perfect day off

This is how I like my days off to be. Started with giving the princess her bottle (she wants to do it herself now, so enjoying the rare opportunity) dropping the munchkin at camp, picking up a friend at the airport, of course with starbucks and chat, having lunch with another friend, briefing  for my favourite project, and now having coffee in a sun drenched … Continue reading Perfect day off