Wish I had better things to say, but I’m still struggling. Struggling with my depression, with a total lack of energy, and lack of courage to do anything about it. Trying to be positive and keep on going though. Trying to enjoy the better weather and the sunshine. Forcing myself to get out of my house and see the munchkins – who really do help … Continue reading Struggling

Slowly getting back to lighter days

Still fighting the funk I’m in. It’s getting better, but it is still difficult. Last week I couldn’t face going to work. So I didn’t. I know that that is not the solution, especially since I am self employed, so i really cannot afford this. But I just couldn’t get motivated. After vegging out during the weekend and on monday I reached out to a … Continue reading Slowly getting back to lighter days

New York, the city of dreams and nightmares

Yesterday, I arrived in NewYork. As my birthday is today, and it is still a painful memory to sadder days, I always try not to be in Belgium on that day. And this year, New York was on the list again. I love this city! Different is that a friend is tagging along. Great fun, but also stress factor, as I am constantly confronted with … Continue reading New York, the city of dreams and nightmares