Sweden: my complicated relationship

Sitting  in the airport waiting for my flight back home. As usual I have conflicted feelings. I love this place, I feel completely at home and it gives me the opportunity to see people that matter a lot to me. My bonus son – so grateful he wants to stay part of my life – his aunt and her husband and son, and mostly the … Continue reading Sweden: my complicated relationship

Journalling Challenge: Day 11: Small Things

This is an easy one, I have been trying to be more in the moment and be grateful everyday for the little things. I write down every day what I am grateful for, and it can be as small as a sunny afternoon, a beautiful sky, the new music of one of my favourite bands, the bunch of flowers I received the other day, fall … Continue reading Journalling Challenge: Day 11: Small Things

Journalling Challenge: Day 7: Surroundings

Wherever you are right now, look around you and find something to be grateful for. I decided to interpret this as someone instead of something. I spend the day with my godson and his babysister, and it turned to be a great afternoon playdate. The munchkin even told me he loved me! I love the little man. He is autistic, and connecting never has been … Continue reading Journalling Challenge: Day 7: Surroundings

Journaling challenge

I’m taking part in Boho Berry’s journaling challenge of October. Every month a challenge is organised around a theme, and you get prompts to write every day. This month’s theme is Gratitude. I’ve started in my BuJo but was thinking it might be a good thing to share here as well. So you’ll see a view of them appearing today, as I’m catching up with … Continue reading Journaling challenge