Fake it till you make it

I’ve been telling this to people I meet that compliment me on being able to talk about anything when meeting people. I am an introvert at heart, and an insecure one on top. I have always dreaded to talk about nothing, to go to network events, or having to spend time with people I don’t know. But as a comms expert I need to do those things, so I trained myself to do this, to walk in the middle of the street, to talk about everything and anything, to address strangers or react when being spoken to with more than just yes or no. And it comes more and more easily.

And yesterday I did the funniest thing. I got talking to the woman in the plane next to me. She was editing photo’s and movies of little turtles being born, as the place I was on holiday has some nesting sites. It turned out she is a marine biologist, on her way home to Chile and had a layover in my town. She was planning to sit on a bench at the airport for the entire night, so I invited het over to stay at my place, I have a spare room. And it was very nice, I invited the neighbour who looked after my plants while I was on holiday as she is from Chile too. It was a very nice evening. I dropped her back at the airport this morning, an experience richer and kinda proud of myself 🙂

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