You are never too old for a new dream

According to C.S. Lewis you are never too old to set another gal or to dram a new dream. So my dream is to live in flip-flops, all day every day. All kidding aside, I’ve been thinking more and more about moving to Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands.

It is the island where I feel the healthiest, it has no industry, almost no vegetation – except for palm trees, I need palm trees 😉 – so no pollen, loads of wind so oxygenated air, reasonable humidity, and the always spring temperatures are just what I like (not too hot) and the sun is also good for my joints.

And honestly what is keeping me here? My job? If I find the courage to retrain in what I really want to do, I can do that anywhere. My family? I don’t have any to speak off, or those I do have I’m not close to (even though I think I would want to, but that is another discussion). My health? would do better over there. My friends: well that is the difficult one, most of them are ready for travel, and then there is modern technology, but that is without thinking about the munchkins. They are my heart, and my positive landline, and I cherish the contact I have with them. So am I ready to give that up?

And let’s not forget me: can I find the courage of giving up everything and going for the dream? What has always kept me back is that I don’t have a safetynet, there would be no plan b. And am I dreaming because I’m running away from reality? Shouldn’t I just start dealing with the mess which is my life head on instead of dreaming about a life in flip-flops which might never happen?

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