Friends and family

I saw this quote the other day and realised how true that is.  I don’t have the traditional family connection most people have. I have a cousin and a niece, and an uncle and aunt I am connected with mostly on social media. I don’t know how to do the ‘normal’ family thing, even though I would love to connect a bit deeper with them. The past still seems to be to big to move forward.

But back to those friends. I realise how lucky I am to have an amazing bunch of friends. Some of them I see a lot, others not that often, but I know I can count on them. Some to kick my butt when I cannot seem to get out of the sofa, some to  pull me back from my self-imposed solitude, some of them to who make me smile with their witty remarks, or grateful and colourful pictures by with they share their positivity or share my outrage by the wrong being done in the world or to check in on me on a regular basis or patiently listen to me rambling about munchkins, bujo’s and country accapella music bands  or humour my palm tree obsession.

So thanks! Thanks to #motherofmunchkins and #coffeeandthisreallyisthelasttimewearegoingtothequick for always being there for me. And to all the others that touch my life less regularly but are truly appreciated: #adminakagandt and #letsmeetupinnewyork and #checkinginonyou #sexonthebeachcoctails and #homefreemadness and #sharingthesameloveforNY and #applethaimeetups and #stillpartoftheIRteam and #oldandnewcolleagues and #allofyou.

Thanks for not giving up on me, making my depression easier to bare and being part of my framily!

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