Anxiety through the roof

I know anxiety is a useless emotion, but I cannot seem to get out of this mood.

Between work being a total disaster, probably resulting in me being without a job in a week or two, but it could also be in a month or two, or even a month or for – do you see why this is stressing me out – Belgium, as most of this hemisphere suffering through one heatwave after another, which doesn’t really help my asthma, nor my insomnia; my complicated relationship being even more complicated than other times – which also means I cannot go to my relaxing space; and – i know this is a very first world problem – but my holiday plans got cancelled and I don’t have any idea what to do instead, and I cannot be in the country with my birthday, and being in town is just to depressing.

Looking for a silver lining, but not finding much, but promised I’ll keep on looking or at least hanging in there.

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