Princess of procrastination

Do you think that kissing a frog would make the procrastinator in me go away (unfortunately I’m too old for to believe in the frog turning into my prince).

I am the worst lately when it comes to not getting stuff done. I’m trying to get on board with the ‘kiss the frog’ principle: do you worst or more difficult thing (kissing the frog) first thing in the morning, and the rest of your day will be way easier.

I however, do all the easy, little and time-consuming stuff first, and leave the one I don’t feel like doing for last, which leaves me without time, so it moves to the next day, which I start with the easy, little ….

My procrastination comes from lack of believe i can do it, so instead of getting busy or finding help I just focus on other stuff. It ends mostly in one of two ways: getting completely paralysed by fear and having to admit I cannot do it, or doing it in a rush after multiple delays. Neither one very good for my professional reputation.

In my language there is a saying: wisdom comes with the knowledge of yourself. I have the knowledge, all I need is the wisdom on how to get ‘cured’ from this.

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