It’s been hard. I seem to be writing the same thing over and over, but I cannot get out of this funk. Work is stressy and I cannot seem to find the motivation to deal with it anymore. Last week the person I work with freaked over something small, and I went in overdrive, wrote my resignation letter, and got physically sick. How silly is that.

I went to a mcdonalds and called a friend, and have calmed down (yep, my first reaction to stress is junkfood). But no clue how to go forward.

What do I want, what am I still capable of, what risk can I take with my professional future, where can I find the silver lining, and the next step?

One thought on “QOTD

  1. Tijd brengt raad meid, misschien nu even gas terug nemen, het is bijna vakantie, hopelijk wordt het op werkgebied dan ook wat kalmer.
    Ik denk aan je en stuur je alvast een virtuele knuffel.

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