Slowly getting back to lighter days

Still fighting the funk I’m in. It’s getting better, but it is still difficult. Last week I couldn’t face going to work. So I didn’t. I know that that is not the solution, especially since I am self employed, so i really cannot afford this. But I just couldn’t get motivated. After vegging out during the weekend and on monday I reached out to a friend – proud of myself I was able to do so – who is at home in between jobs, to see whether I could hang out with her. I kept her company during her daily tasks, and got the opportunity to pick up the princess from daycare and the munchkin from school. Both were very happy to see me, and that is good for my soul. This week I’m back at work, not back to my most productive, but I’m getting back to it. I need to start thinking about the future, as this is not the best environment for me, but let’s take this one step at the time?

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