Being called out on my thought process

I have been on a mood stabilisator for the last couple of years. I forgot to take it for a couple of days and decided to stop taking them altogether. I thought I was far enough in my recovery to do so. I have my doubts, and so I talked to a friend about it. And I did not expect her answer. I called the meds poison as I suffered lots of side effects when i stopped taking them. I completely expected her to agree with me, but she called me hypocritical. She called me out on all the other poison I put in my body. I am not known for eating very healthily. Actually I don’t eat fruit or vegetables at all – or not very often anyway. I was shocked, but she has a point – actually a very big one.

So I have decided to try and eat more healthily. Still not sure what to do with the medication though.

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