Yesterday I was reminded of one of the reasons why i love living in Brussels. I had quiet an international day. I had a conference call in English, I speak French and Dutch at work. When I walked back to my car I saw a couple looking at a map, clearly lost, and asked if I could help. I heard them talking Spanish so I explained the way to The Grand Place in my best Spanish, it is a bit rusty, but it got the job done and they were happy with the effort.

When I arrived at the gym – yes I do go there every now and then, not as much as I could, should or need, but still – there was a German couple trying to explain something to a French speaking receptionist and they just couldn’t get it right, so I tried to help, although my german is very very limited, but the answer to their question.

After swimming for a while I noticed an older lady and a swimming coach getting into the pool. The lady was 79, she told me later, broke her hip and needed some mild exercise. She was Flemish, the swimming teacher French speaking. They got along pretty fine but there was one thing he could not get her to understand, so I offered to translate. It didn’t hurt that by then I was in the jacuzzi and the swimming teacher kinda yummie 😉

And spent the evening with my friends: one of them Flemish the other one English. I love to hear and speak all those languages, I believe it opens up the mind to be multi-lingual, and i love my hometown for giving me that chance!

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