Going back to my first professional love

I have a training in ‘personal assistance’. I guess I have always felt most comfortable supporting people, and I love the boring admin stuff most people hate. I would love to become a personal organizer, and help people with there stuff but even more with getting them organized in a structured way when it comes to paperwork.

I’ve been playing with the thought to become a personal organizer for a while. But am not sure how to market myself once I am. I even enrolled in a class, but someone told me it would be a waste of money (you already know how to do it), I started doubting (yep, that is me to a tee) and pulled out.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a woman who’s company proposes admin support to other companies. She was looking for some new profiles and it sounded cool to me. So we had a chat, and agreed I would be a good match for the freelance pool. We started talking organization, as you do, and she told me that one of the services they offer is based on her experience as a professional organizer: to audit wat is needed in a company and deliver structures and implementation plans for efficient admin workstreams. I told her about how I have been playing with the thought of becoming a professional organizer, and she very enthusiastically told me about the school were she had followed classes, and how even though organization was in her blood, i helped her a lot towards her clients.

So guess what I just did? yep, I enrolled in their fall programme. To be followed šŸ™‚


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