New York New York

Booked tickets to New York yesterday. So excited. I love New York. It will be my 4th time, but I never get enough of it. And this time a friend is tagging along. Looking forward to that as well! She has never been before, so I have the perfect excuse to see all the touristy stuff again. And a musical or two of course. And hopefully also meet up with two other friends, and a beautiful baby girl.

And there is another reason for the trip. It’s my birthday then, and that is a difficult day for me. However much I have grown, and am no longer the unwanted little girl I used to be, the memories are still there, and it is still a day that reminds me of all the things that I havent accomplished. So I tend to not be at home on that day, and that seems to help me through the day easier. Escaping reality? Probably, but if it works, it works!

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