Morning walk

This morning my internal alarm woke me up at the usual 5.30. I have had a lot of trouble getting out of bed lately. Although awake, the motivation to get up and start doing stuff is completely lacking. So this morning I talked myself out of bed by 7.3o, which took me a lot of effort.

Then I talked myself into going for breakfast on foot. The scenic route is about 4k I think, and takes me about an hour to complete. It goes through a little park/forrest, some calm streets and next to a field. I took loads of pictures of flowers, any excuse to stop and get ;y breath back ;-). bought breakfast and walked back.

Had breakfast on my terrace in the sun, in company of the neighbors’ cat who came begging for food (can cats eat bread?). All that by 9.30. Pretty proud of myself.

The downside is that I’m now in my sofa with a very painful knee and ankle. And I need to find the energy to get stuff of my to do list today.

But first: a cup of coffee!


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