I call my godson ‘munchkin’. Some people ask me what that means. The term munchkin comes from the movie the wizard of oz, where Dorothy walks through a country with little people: the munchkins from munchkinland.

As he is being raised in Dutch and English, it seemed somehow the perfect name for him and it stuck.

He is my little ray of sunshine. He get’s me out of a bed on a bad day. He is has been a major influence in my path out of depression even though he has no clue about it. He turns 4 next month.

He has been diagnosed with autism, so connecting with him has not been easy in the beginning, but I know he loves me, and lately it has been clear I’m part of his world, and one of his favourite people even. It is so amazing to have him hug me when I come in his house. Up till a couple of weeks ago it was a excited jumping up and down, calling my name and pulling me with him to his toys. But now it is all that and he wants a hug as well. Last weekend we played non stop for two hours, I was a very happy auntie.

It is amazing how such a little bundle of person can have such a big impact. He is not ‘blood’ but the son of my best friend. But I’m guessing that this is what family feels like.

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