This morning I walked very proudly to my third stretching class in a row. Second exercise in, my knee gave in and I fell flat on my face. And no way to get back up. I sorta crawled into a corner pretending I was ok, and finished the class seated. But even then I needed help getting up, and the pain was pretty bad. When you are in constant pain like I am, to find that line between pushing yourself and overdoing it is very hard to find. I didn’t think I was overdoing it, but either my joints are in worse shape than I thought, or I have been focussing on the silver lining too much and fooling myself.

Either way, that’s it for today. The way back home was excruciating but am back in my sofa, hoping this is a 24 hour thing and not a major setback.

I’ve also decided no longer to automatically share my posts on facebook. I’m not using it as much as I would like to as I feel I need to find a sliver line in everything I post, and I’m not there yet. So taking the pressure away, changing the name of my blog, although I will still b trying to find a thing I’m grateful for everyday (got a special page in my BuJo for that) and working at myself in my own pace.

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