Highs and lows

The last couple of days have been chaotic, mostly in my head. I’m trying not to focus on the bad stuff, but it is still there, and seems to come up at the most unexpected moments. I know that breaking down walls means that the emotions are more intense, but you would think that I get better at dealing with them. Of course being anxious about not having enough income now that one of the projects is on its last legs probably doesn’t help either.

But if I focus on the good, I had some good talks with friends, got a present from one of my colleagues at the ending project – so not expected that, so sweet!, went swimming yesterday, finally went to the royal greenhouses and took loads of pictures, have a happy client for one of my other projects, get to make little movies – forgot how much fun that was, one holiday is coming closer, and I have a travel buddy for my trip to NewYork! Downloaded tons of new books – in case I read all the other dozens I still have by next week – you can never have enough books right?

So all in all, life is good – let’s focus on the positive!

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