Another month

And all of a sudden it is May. Sometimes I don’t know where the time is going. And I’m not happy with the stuff I’m doing, I don’t feel like I’m very productive. It all comes back to the lack of energy I already talked about, and I know it’s a question of time. But patience is not my middle name.

So what have I been doing last week? Still working on the two projects. The one that is ending is really draining the little energy I have left, but am trying to stay positive, and I’m getting some positive feedback from the people I have been working with. The other project is fun, no big commute, easy peasy assignment at the moment but with big added value and nice people.

And I’ve been to the gym, swimming, stretching and aquagym, and I met my coach.

Another positive thing about a new month: new spreads in my bullet journal. And the most fun thing of all? I’m going on holiday in two weeks – whoop whoop!











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