Doing better

So this long holiday weekend felt mostly good. Got my steps done, got my place back to it organised self, lunch with some friends, bought some terrace tiles and new plants, some new stuff to wear (a cactus shirt and pineapple flipflops amongst other things), a play date with the munchkin and his babysister, all that in summer weather, But it ended with a bit … Continue reading Doing better

It is a tense day today

I work in the center of Brussels today, and the athmosphere is really tense. Between the arrival of Trump, and the consequent demonstrations, the presence of Erdogan and the consequent demonstrations (even though these were forbidden, there are a lot of people around). The athmosphere is grimm. Never heard that many sirens before. I got asked this morning why I parked in the parking lot … Continue reading It is a tense day today