So yesterday started off a bit difficult. It was my ‘Kortrijk’ day, and I find it difficult to get motivated for this project. But after the usual struggle with my reluctant-to-let-me-go bed sheets I finally got into my car. It took me 1.57 hour to get there instead of the already very long 1hour. And whilst not driving very fast I listened to the news. There is talk of a proposition for a law to oblige children to pay part of the retirement home of their parents. This is already the case, but not all institutions enforce this. This is something that has been on my mind for years. If it was for my father I would do it, despite everything that happened. But for her? How can anyone think this is reasonable or fair? The woman who made me take care of her instead of her taking care of me, the woman who left me fending for myself when I was way too young to do so, the woman who took my health, both mentally (I finally dare to admit) and physically, the woman who stole so much of my life, the woman who emptied my bank account for which I saved every penny when I started working weekends and holidays age 15, who cashed in my grand-fathers’ inheritance, … And I would have to pay for her retirement home??? You can imagine the state I was in when I finally arrived at work. So I decided to sit with my IT colleague who is a very calm and quiet guy so that I could calm down and refocus on  work.

At lunch I decided to sit by myself and research this new law proposal a bit further, and fell on this one line: of course children who were mistreated, or have a strenuous or no relationship with their parents will be exempt. The question is how to prove the above, because she was very smart about it, and nobody noticed or did anything about it. But I decided that that was a worry for later.

So since I had a bit of time on my hands I started browsing to other blogs to get inspiration, and came across of this blog from Nancy (, a very courageous woman who contracted a horrible disease while being a victim of sex trafficking which makes that she is confined to her bed. She is despite her struggles positive, very open and amazingly inspiring. It puts things in perspective, and I was really moved so I decided to follow her.

The way home was the same as the way there, but ‘only’ 1h47. I complained on FB but a friend said I had to enjoy the ‘me-time’. Pretty sure he was being ironic, but he is right. Why would I be complaining, at least I have something trivial to complain about, friends to complain to, friends to call to shorten the ride, and the sun was shining.

This morning, I put my alarm early so I could get up early and go for a swim. But as usual my bed talked me into staying with her a bit longer. So I started to check my emails, and I got a message from Nancy, the blogger I talked about above. She thanked me for my positivism and being an encourager to her! I was floored, she thanked me, while I should be thanking her (and I will). No need to say that I jumped (well jumped? For as much as I still can jump) out of my bed, and this girl was in the swimming pool by 7.

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