It was a good weekend!

So this past weekend was a good one. I started with some exercise. First a stretch class, I though would be easier on my joints then yoga, but that was a bit of a miscalculation. It was hard and painful but am determined to keep on going. Afterwards I did an aquagym class, less painful, kinda fun.

Lunch at exki, and a short walk turned into a long walk looking for a bulleting journal, which I found eventually in the store next to my parkinglot.

And what would a weekend be without a stop by the munchkin’s place? he was in a very cuddly mood, and we played with his cars and trucks. Oh, and he called me his friend 🙂 I’m a very happy auntie 🙂

Sunday no sports for me, it is after all a resting day no? So I spent the afternoon supporting my niece in het triathlon training. She is amazing, and so determined to reach good results. Had a nice chat afterwards as well. It’s funny to get back in touch with some of my family but at least I don’t lose any sleep over it anymore. I’m going to try and keep the contact going, it feel right.

Have a good day/week!

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