Bullet journaling

I love lists, they help me to organize the chaos in my head. So I have been working with lists in a bullet journal for a while. Habit tracking, budget, to do, amount of steps, what I eat (that one needs some work), what I am grateful for, to buy, to read, to listen to, to watch, you name it, it is in there.

And today a colleague commented on my work to do list. He read this article about trending topics, and the way I make my lists reminded him of that. And a good friend of mine discovered bullet journaling too. She struggles with organization and I think this doesn’t feel like organizing but some creative me time. If I had known this would help her I would suggested it a long time ago 🙂

One thought on “Bullet journaling

  1. This is soooooo the next bullet journal i’m getting… only 218 pages more to go in this one 😉 – at the rate i’m going though, that’ll only take three months or so 😀

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