Me and Sweden

The events in Sweden rocked me to the core. Sweden has always been my safe-haven. The place where I can truely be myself, the only place on this planet where I can actually sleep well, the home country of my bonus son, the home country of my swedish lover, the complicated man of my dreams.

Thank god all my loved ones and their family and friends are save.

You never expect this kind of thing to happen in Sweden, the quiet, peaceful, balanced kinda country. I know that people said that as well when that madman shot all those people in Norway a couple of years ago. But still I never would have expected this. I haven’t been to Sweden in a couple of months due to the complicated relationship, but next weekend I’ll be there, in Stockholm, proving to whomever thinks that live will stop because of their madness that they are wrong.

How the complicated relationship will go now? Only time will tell I guess, but how can I still stay mad in a time like this?

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