I got reminded yesterday that I started this blog to help me looking for the silver line. And that even in an off day as yesterday I should look for it. Suggestion: maybe the silver lining was that I was aware of the need for change. And she is right (she has a habit of that, for which I’m grateful ;-))

I am grateful. Grateful for my friends who remind me of the fact that there are things to be grateful for. Grateful for the friends who reach out to wish me strength, and show empathy. Grateful for my niece who is willing to re-program me towards a healthier lifestyle. Grateful for the munchkin I had on the phone, enthusiastically telling me about his trip to the store. Grateful for the friend who invited me to go do something fun (eating ice-cream) on Sunday, even though she is going through a very rough time herself. Grateful for the friend who whatsapps me every morning just to wish me a good morning. Grateful for the friends that I follow on social media and make me part of their world as well, so I can smile at pictures of kids, kittens, and happy people and places.

So, thanks! And I’m back on my quest for the silver lining.


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