The power of music

Music can impact my mood. More even than images, I react to sound and music. So yes, I’m the person who sings ALL day long. In my car, under the shower, at the office (although I do try not to), … So what better than to go to a concert or two (or three, …)

BrunoYesterday I went to see Bruno Mars, good feel music, great energy, great show, you guessed it, I thouroughly enjoyed it. I even danced! Because of my painful joints, I normally stay seated on my chair and move upperbody only. But this was just too energetic, so I just had to (painful joints today are totally worth it)

home-free-1024x459And this morning I confirmed a live show of Home Free, the other band I’m listening to non-stop. They are an accapella band, with some country roots, and their harmonies are incredible. Not sure if it is because I used to sing in choir, but I can really enjoy listening to harmonies. And found someone who is as crazy about them, so we’ve organised a little road trip to go and see them.

PaulAnd last but not least, an all time favorite: Mr. Paul Weller! I know most people will think Paul who? but this guy is amazing. Some may know him from The Style Council or The Jam, but he has been a solo artist for a while, and he is seen as a half god in the UK, and if you listen to him playing the guitar, you totally get why.

So I am a happy bunny (because I’ll never be a happy camper ;-))

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