I’m not a fan of the weekend

Call me weird, but weekends are not my favourite moments. They seem to emphasise the lonely feeling. Saturdays are still okay, at least you can go for shopping therapy, although my budget really doesn’t allow that. But Sunday’s are hard. You don’t want to impose on friends who cherish this moment with their families, you think about all the things you should be doing but don’t feel like, so my Sundays are mostly wasted time, especially when the weather is grey and rainy like today. Perfect excuse to lay on the couch,being grumpy and feeling sorry for myself. 
#blah #notagoodday

2 thoughts on “I’m not a fan of the weekend

  1. Totally know how you feel and totally normal! The last couple of months I’ve found a way to beat these Sunday blues:
    – I work out
    – I do some food prepping (mainly desserts) #njam
    – I go and spend hours reading in my favorite coffee bar (my favorite one so far ^^)

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