All about me

It’s been a struggle in the last couple of weeks. So now that the sun is shining I decided to get to a more positive place. A friend of mine took up blogging as a form of therapy and it reminded me that it is something I like to do as well. So here it goes.

47 and single, struggling with chronic pain and overweight, but also home-owner, proud auntie Leen, and owner of my own company. This is not where I thought I would be. But if you look where I came from ( lousy start in life due to an abusive mother, resulted in weak health and life long lasting lack of self confidence) I’m doing not to bad I think. This is a hard one to believe in on bad days. And reaching out is something I suck at. But I know that shared pain is less pain and that friends around me truly care (although I need reminding every now and then).Β So, let’s see if this helps.

Mostly I will use this as my gratitude blog. I’m convinced that the world and people are basically good. I’m not always open to it though, so this is my way of being more aware of it and this looking for positive things will hopefully keep the dark clouds away.

5 thoughts on “All about me

  1. This blog will certainly help you to see life through pink glasses (bestaat die uitdrukking wel in het Engels? 😜)
    Welcome and good luck
    Hugs πŸ€πŸ€

  2. You’re never alone Leentje, there is always someone… but I do understand you, apart from the abusive mother (mine was realy loving and caring) and the being single (my husbie not always perfect, but most of the time there for me). You should come for lunch again sometime. I promise a salad without tomatoes πŸ˜€. Hang in there. Big hug πŸ’‹

  3. I love your positive attitude in the midst of issues that can cause depression and PTSD (both of which I have). I am looking forward to exploring your blog and I hope I can be of an encourager to you as you are to me. A Gratitude Blog – the first I have seen like this. So nice to *meet* you! πŸ’šπŸŒΌ

    1. Hi Nancy, very nice to meet you too. You truely inspired me when I discovered your blog yesterday. Thank you for your openess and honesty. I’m sure it will help a lot of people, it did help me. I’m struggling with depression too, although I still find it very hard to admit, but this blog is a way for me to be more open to my friends about what happened to me, and still is. I’ve been trying to keep it stacked away for so long, but now it is out there, and I’m trying to deal with it as best as I can, and hope my story will help other people to. So, thanks for being part of my world!

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